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Вид с крыши The Riviera Wongamat Beach

The Riviera Wongamat Beach

When investor invest his money in a project under construction, he feels anxious about doing what is right, about profitability of his choice and the profit of apartment leasing. The most important question is timely construction completion, as investor will have material losses because of disruption of construction deadlines.

Those people who invest their savings in the Pattaya property market have no such doubts. Due to the high level of competition in the construction field in Pattaya any Property construction always is timely completed. Absolutely there are a lot of new projects in the resort. This a reason that it might be difficult to choose the best one.

When you are made aware of new Condominium Riviera Wongamat such an incredible, luxurious, grandiose hi-rise Condominium you will have no doubts. The project will be located in the best area of Wongamat – Naklua Soi. This prestigious district is develop apace that is why mainly hotels and five star residential complexes will surround it.

Condominium Riviera is an architectural pearl of the best Thai resort. The skilled and experienced designers and architects designed the project and they made allowance for the most modern needs and aspirations of customers.

The project will be consist of two tower blocks (43 and 40-storey buildings) each of them will reveal to the owners the amazing and breath-taking view on blue sea and energetic, fast-moving Pattaya. Both these towers look like two graceful female figures who pull their delicate arms to the boundless sky.

The infrastructure of the project is also unique: it is an exclusive Condominium in Wongamat with territory that includes great amount of swimming pools in it. These are multilevel lagoon swimming pools located on the 23rd and 24th floors, baby bathing places, water slides, fountains and waterfalls. There are open clubhouse, club for children, comfortable break areas, exclusive saunas and Jacuzzi, and private green gardens, restaurants, cafes and many other important household infrastructure details. Life in the Riviera is thought out meticulously that is why it becomes serene and sparkling like champagne!

The special focus should be on apartment plans and it unique design. Each residential area has its majestic name, which was specially chosen by skilled designers: Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo.

Each apartment of the project is more than 27 sqm. In addition, it is possible to convert several apartments into one luxurious big one. The functionality of the interior has no boundaries: there are two separate entrances into lavatory compartment thereby your guests will not need to go right through your bedroom. In addition, there is a walk-in wardrobe, the size of which will allow you to store there almost the whole hypothec of your clothing. For another thing, the apartment has bedrooms that are on opposite ends of the apartment. Pay attention to expensive home decoration materials and you will wish to take up your residence in Riviera.

Construction completion.





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